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24 Apr 2023

about me

Writing a blog post or even maintaining a blog has been a always of interest to me but has been quite challenging, because of various personal and professional reasons. Nevertheless, I took a jab at it several years ago and would even say it worked out for a while but then the interest kinda died off. Since then, I have been doing several interesting things and the interest jump started again. I will blog here from time to time.

A some selected summary about me –

tʃʌnðrɑ [tscha-n-dra] currently works as a Software Engineer/DevOps consultant at a Consultancy firm in Germany.

Business sectors worked in

  • Transport and logistics
  • Digital Advertisement
  • B2B

Professional Focus

  • Integration Specialist
  • Cloud Operations/Infrastructure
  • Microservices
  • Distributed Systems
  • Backed Server Development

Professional Experience

  • Lead Backend Engineer in Core Server Infrastructure team for a US-based Ad-Tech Company.
  • Senior Backend (API) Engineer for a B2BC Travel & Logistics Company.
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